V is for View

I'm always saying (to whoever will listen)," just look at the view!".  In fact my young granddaughter said to me, "Are we at the view yet?" and "when will we be in the view?"

I think it's the wow factor that grabs me.  That and the fact that the view is ever changing.

 A seascape

 A skyscape

 a landscape

What is your favourite view?


  1. I'm always looking at the sky. If I'm driving along and the sun's setting I always want my camera. It's a shame I always forget it.
    I think it's always important to take a moment each day just to stop, take a deep breath, and look around you.

  2. Great post thank you and your photographs are beautiful! Sun scapes sea and landscapes - I'm always saying to whoever is with me, look at that view! Check it out! Look Look! A view of the wilderness/bush is always dramatic. The view from my study is lovely with the plants and trees especially in Spring when the colours are bright and dazzling.


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