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.... and so the year continues

Monday 15th:   Had my hair done by Louise and we exchanged stories about our holiday homes (sounds bettter than statics) on the East coast.  In the afternoon, the ladies I meet up with once a month assembled at the new home of one of the group.  It is a beautiful bungalow and we were treated to a lovely spread.  The stuffed monkeys or gewickelte biscuits were better than mine although the same pastry of 8oz flour, 4oz fat, 2 oz sugar and the cake with the meringue topping sandwiched together with a mixture of cream, marsacapone cheese and lemon juice, baked by her daughter was amazing.

On Tuesday I had to stay in as we were having two new double glazed windows at the front of the house.  Beats cleaning them.  Anyway, it gave me the opportunity to tackle those jobs that I so often put off such as cleaning the cooker.  I can recommend the company MJM Windows.

As the brown bin was finally emptied and my neigbours were out, I set about cutting the hedges in the drive.  The bin was soon fu…

Preparing for work

Holidays over for this year.  Undertook training to be an invigilator at a local comp.  I've only been doing it for 30 years!

Collected tickets for the panto in Harewood Village Hall.  This year it's Cinderella.  We really enjoyed Aladdin last year and so did the kids.  During the interval we found out that Emma was having the baby in the morning.  The performance is put on by a travelling company and is professionally presented with plenty of interaction.

Bonfire Night held no interest for me whatsoever.  Is that a sign of old age?  It was Diwali too, so with those celebrations plus the community bonfire at Roundhay Park it resembled a war zone.

On Sunday morning I went to a coffee morning put on by Auntie Edith's Sharonah WIZO Group.  The members of this group have been raising funds for projects in Israel for over 50 years.  What an achievement - and they had provided home made cakes, pies and chopped herring for the produce stall.

As the weather forecasters kept tellin…


Set off for our annual Autumn trip to Northumberland one week later than usual as we are no longer tied to half term holiday.  We took the A19 rather than the A1 and stopped off at Hartlepool where we exchanged some clothes at their M&S in the city centre indoor shopping centre.
We arranged to stay in the Longhirst Hall Hotel (and of course Golf Club) near Morpeth, which is lower down than our usual visits. which, apart from an initial smell of drains in the room, suited us very well.

Although cold and windy, we followed the Art Trail in Newbiggin on Sea, or at least half of it before it got dark.

Returned to the hotel for a rest and a read (me the second novel of the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson The Girl who played with Fire and Ronnie:  Paul Auster The Book of Illusions) and, after a meal in the spacious Szoda Bar and Kitchen with its good food, friendly service and fair prices, we slept like logs.

We breakfasted well.  Although there was no m…

Autumn in the Caravan

On Monday of half term week we are off to the caravan with Louis and Ellie, giving Naomi a chance to paint their bedroom.  The weather is bright but chilly and we need to stop off in Bridlington to buy hats, scarves and gloves, as well as go on a ride on the promenade.  Bought a sparkly T Light holder; candles create a cosy and cheering atmosphere in the cold weather.  Thank goodness for central heating in the caravan.  The garden is still blooming with Sedum, Nasturtium and Fuchsia.  Not one Gladiolus has flowered here nor in our Leeds garden.  Many of the caravaners have already packed up for the season.  I started to declutter; it makes you realise just how much the kids have grown and developed this season when sorting out the clothes, books and toys.
Tuesday brought the rain and the children equate this weather with Kandy Kingdom and off we went with our books to read (Old Filth and the Girl who played with Fire from the millennium trilogy) while the kids played on the equipment.…

Weekend with Freya

I'm excited to say that Ben and Freya are coming for the weekend while Emma has a girly weekend in Stockholm.  Travelling with Freya entails a multitude of medical equipment and Ben is coming by train.  He misses the first train as the taxi got stuck in traffic but we meet them off the next train; Freya with her face covered in carrot snack.  We just make it in time to pick up the other two grandchildren at their respective schools.  It was lovely to have everyone there for Friday night dinner and it was a full house upstairs.

Freya is doing more and has a happy disposition but is not interested in eating much.  Ronnie gives her a much needed haircut, but takes off too much in my opinion.  She goes on the swings at Roundhay Park, receives visits from relatives and all too soon it's time to go back to London.

Back to reality

As previously mentioned, I don't know how I ever had time to go out to work.  Life has become one long holiday.  However, I was brought up to work hard in order to deserve the good things in life.  This week I have contacted the Jewish Welfare Board to offer my services as a volunteer and registered as an examination invigilator at a secondary school.  Of course, I will be taking a couple of holidays first!