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Snowdrops and Snippets

Alpine Meadows
Angela Hanson gave a wonderful, illustrated talk to our gardening club on Alpine Meadows.  These are the upland pastures where the cattle are taken in the summer to graze, leaving the lower areas for the winter.  These meadows are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna; gentians, cowslips, orchids, golden hawksbeard, mulleins and yellowrattles.  Many of the flowers are hairy to keep them warm.  The skiing industry has left its toll, but now these meadows are recognised as important areas to be preserved.

It reminded me of my favourite story; Heidi.

Launch of The Chapel

The local writing group and radio station with which I am involved has received a huge grant to restore the old chapel which serves as their base.  It is a beautiful building with polished, wooden pews, an organ and a balcony held up by ornamental pillars.  The acoustics are amazing, allowing recitals without the need for a microphone.  The Lord Mayor attended and we heard poetry, songs and prose.  It will…