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Everyone back to work and school - except me!

Looking back at last year's diary, the vast majority of entries were work-related.  By comparison, this year's diary is full and with a broad range of activities too.  Have I become a hedonist?

Went to Harlow Carr with Ellie. 

Couple of restful days at the caravan ..... aah!

Ate at the Saffron Indian Restaurant Vegetarian Masala and Balti Saag Paneer with Spinach and Indian cheese; Aloo Gobi  and steamed potatoes and cauliflower, stir fried in aromatic spices.

Poured down over night and still raining in the morning but good well needed rain for the garden.  Took the opportunity to visit the Bridlington Spa open day where we saw local artists at work  and the two theatre areas.


Sun came out and it really warmed up; the countryside looked beautiful after the rain.  We saw North Frodingham (which Ronnie thinks sounds like something from a Harry Potter novel), North Dalton and Warter in all their glory.  Truly wonderful views which I find difficult to capture with my came…

Bank Holidays at the coast and the best laid plans or as the Yiddish proverb goes "Man plans, God laughs" (Mann traoch, Gott Lauch)

We set off in high spirits for a long weekend with all the bikes strapped to the back of Naomi's car.  That was our main worry.   The new carrier was fine but Ellie wasn't.  Two visits to the doctor and two to the pharmacist and she was beginning to recover, but couldn't do justice to the royal wedding party.

The next day, armed with the surplus party food we dropped of two of the bikes for repair and drove to Flamborough South Landing for a picnic, but Ellie still wasn't up to walking the sculpture trail.

We went back to the South Beach at Bridlington and tried to shield ourselves in the dunes from the cold wind in a cloudless blue sky.

Skirlington Car Boot produced a giant remote controlled crane and the usual soft toys.

I treated myself to a cut glass bottle to add to my collection.

Visited Filey on Monday.  Not too busy to say it was Bank Holiday.  The weather looked glorious but it was deceptive and the chilly wind kept us off the beach.

... and the fine weather continues and lasts until the end of Pesach

Attended  the pre-seder service for Reception class.  All the children including Louis joined in all the songs.  I was a proud grandma!

Ben, Emma and Freya arrive by train.  Freya is walking and she finds the stairs fascinating.  Her singing is far superior to most of that heard on Britain's got Talent.

Ben is busy filming for Simon's production; he must have been sweltering in that hat in the hot weather.  Emma has to literally fly off to Stockholm to find somewhere to live....... and finds a stunning home where I am sure they will be happy.

Had a lovely family Seder.  We changed our traditional menu from salmon to fried fish, but it went down well (excuse the pun).  The children joined in with the songs learnt from school.

Went to Shul with kids, who attended children's service, but I had to stay with them.

We packed a picnic sufficient for an army and went off to the caravan for the day to water plants, although it was cooler by the sea.  Both kids rode their bikes all the…