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February does bring the rain

Had lunch with my siblings at Nappa Bar on Sunday.  Still fighting over the chips!  Janet always seems to be driving home in heavy rain and today was no exception.

Had my hair done on Monday with my daughter's words "Mum, you're not a teacher any more" ringing in my ears.  However, no great changes to my appearance this month! 

On Tuesday took the bus to town.  Free fares are a real bonus.  Schmied around but only bought a birthday card but I did get a decent sized spray sample of new perfume by Balenciaga.  Anyone wondering about birthday presents need look no further.

On Wednesday. Val and I took a picnic, which we bought in Marks and Spencers, to Harlow Carr Gardens where we dined in style, joined at our table by a very tame robin; the difference in what could be seen growing and flowering from last week was astonishing. 

Not wanting to pay the extortionate prices for coffee in Betty's, we drove on to Knaresborough before remembering that we were attending a …

February brings the rain says the poem but, in this case, the wind

One happy granddaughter with her new pink bedroom.

Went shopping in Harrogate on Wednesday and spent my earnings from the day before on a cardigan which doesn't have the long, pointy bits at the front which can be seen out of my coat.
My next exciting purchase was this:
A new garlic press which is really easy to wash as it is made of plastic and the steel grid is removable (Culinare MagiPress).
Snowdrops are beginning to come into flower now.  Quite late; I have known them to be out in mid-January. However, with the frost and snow we experienced, I am amazed to see them at all.
The wind has been gale force and I am surprised no more serious damage has occured.  One casualty was my plastic greenhouse, leaving my pelargoniums exposed to the elements.
Collected Szusza at the coach station.  She is staying in Leeds for the rest of the month. 
Went out with friends from the Bolbie Club on Monday night.  Tasty meal, good company. 
Bought a shelving unit in Ikea for Ronnie to try out new electric…

As January comes to an end ...

Terrible cold has kept me uncharacteristically out of action for a few days.  Determined to recover before Freya arrives.

Ben, Emma and Freya arrived on Friday.  I can see a big change in Freya and she feels heavier too.  She is happy to join in playing schools and tea parties with Ellie but, naturally, they both want to push the dolly's buggy.

We prepare for the afternoon tea.  We are expecting 16+ family members and Ben has prepared a film of Freya's first year, much of which was filmed in hospital which we hadn't been able to see.  It's miraculous and long live the NHS.

Emma's cakes, carrot and chocolate, and biscuits with almond paste went down a treat.   No-one even enquired whether I had made them!  Naomi prepared and presented the savoury stuff beautifully.  I was free to enjoy the afternoon.

A fantastic weekend; hope to see them again soon.

After collecting Ellie from Nursery, we spotted a flock of unusual birds feeding on the berries left on the wild roses…