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As Summer subtly changes to Autumn

There's still plenty of warmth and sunshine around, although the trees give away the changing season.

Found a useful site: which gives interesting recipes for using up those apples from the garden.  Tried the bangers and mash one with veggie sausages.  Who would have thought that adding apples to mashed potato, or sautĂ©ed with onions to make a sauce would be so delicious.
Any tried and tested recipes will be much appreciated, including any for may recently acquired bread making machine.

Reading:  Just finished Vivien's Hampshire's Losing Lucy, which I purchased as a cheapie from
 Amazon and can recommend it.  She really brings the characters alive.

Writing: Had two short stories accepted for October and read a couple of my pieces on local radio.
Arithmetic:  Paid an enormous bill for the repair of my central heating boiler.

On not having to go back to school

As an ex-teacher, I just love that feeling of not having to go back to school.However, the grandchildren hadn’t started back yet, so they stayed with us at the coast for a few days and the weather was glorious. We visited Sewerby Park and, although the Hall is closed for a big refurbishment with National Lottery money, the gardens were still full of colour and the children found the zoo, the outdoor toys and the playground great fun.

Outdoor connect and Jenga

Brought home some green beans from the allotment, where I volunteer.Another allotment holder gave us some beetroots, which I put to good use.I find gardeners, like writers, to be so generous with their help and advice.
I had a short story accepted on for publication in October and a piece of non-fiction is being included on local radio next week
My new bread making machine is wonderful!For Jewish New Year, I baked both round and plaited challahs for the first time ever and also a honey cake for a sweet new year.
I spied t…