On not having to go back to school

As an ex-teacher, I just love that feeling of not having to go back to school.  However, the grandchildren hadn’t started back yet, so they stayed with us at the coast for a few days and the weather was glorious. 
We visited Sewerby Park and, although the Hall is closed for a big refurbishment with National Lottery money, the gardens were still full of colour and the children found the zoo, the outdoor toys and the playground great fun.

Brought home some green beans from the allotment, where I volunteer.  Another allotment holder gave us some beetroots, which I put to good use.  I find gardeners, like writers, to be so generous with their help and advice.

I had a short story accepted on Alfiedog.com for publication in October and a piece of non-fiction is being included on local radio next week

My new bread making machine is wonderful!  For Jewish New Year, I baked both round and plaited challahs for the first time ever and also a honey cake for a sweet new year.
 First attempts

I spied this plant display depicting the heritage of Stamford Bridge (Yorkshire).
It has been a great summer in which we celebrated our son's wedding, our ruby wedding, and the special birthdays of my brother and one of my sisters.  These are just the highlights of my life at the moment.  There are lowlights, of course, but with a large family there are always times for celebrations and commiserations.  I prefer to count my blessings.


  1. Those beans look good. Not as tasty as your baking though. Put the kettle on - I'm on my way!

  2. This was a lovely post, just the way I enjoy it; showing how the small things (such as getting beans from the allotment) and the big things (such as family reunions) can make us happy, if we allow it.

  3. A brilliant posting, L... Do you have a first name?
    It is lovely when people are happy to share.
    I enjoy going to my writing group.

  4. Going back to school is much on my mind as my eldest has just started secondary school. So far, so good. But, gosh, there's a lot of thinking for the Mum. Seems to be like there's two special activities every week. This week I had to attend a two hour lecture on settling in. It was Genes for School day (and he didn't have any jeans) and he came home without any laces in his shoes one day. (what that's all about)?

    Sometimes it's nice to be a Grandparent!


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