As Summer subtly changes to Autumn

There's still plenty of warmth and sunshine around, although the trees give away the changing season.
 Towards Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire Coast

 Sewerby Cliffs, Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Found a useful site: which gives interesting recipes for using up those apples from the garden.  Tried the bangers and mash one with veggie sausages.  Who would have thought that adding apples to mashed potato, or sautéed with onions to make a sauce would be so delicious.
Any tried and tested recipes will be much appreciated, including any for may recently acquired bread making machine.

Reading:  Just finished Vivien's Hampshire's Losing Lucy, which I purchased as a cheapie from
 Amazon and can recommend it.  She really brings the characters alive.

Writing: Had two short stories accepted for October and read a couple of my pieces on local radio.
Arithmetic:  Paid an enormous bill for the repair of my central heating boiler.


  1. It still looks very summery there! Atumn has definitely arrived here; the nights are drawing in, and many coloured leaves cover the ground underneath the cherry tree in front of my house, even though the tree itself still looks more green than anything.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. I do love the Yorkshire coastline :-) x

  3. Whisky apple cake is good. Put sliced apples sprinkled with whisky and brown sugar in the bottom of a dish, then cover with sponge mix and bake. Serve with cream or custard. Ginger cordial works well as an alternative to the whisky if you prefer.


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