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Is Spring on its way?

There are signs of new life and the snowdrops and flowering blackcurrant are putting on their display.Can’t wait to get back in the garden and my heart goes out to those with flooded homes and ruined land. We took advantage of some fine weather to get out into the Yorkshire countryside.

 Walk from Cavendish Pavilion, part of the Bolton Abbey Estate.

A member of our gardening club gave a very interesting talk on plants for shade to give interest throughout the year. We also planned to grow yellow plants for the Tour de France which starts here in Yorkshire. Fellow blogger Patsy Collins passed on this gardening giveaway.I haven’t won anything yet but maybe you will. Flower Arrangement
Read: I’m enjoying Connie Shelton’s – Deadly Gamble, the first of the Charlie Parker mystery series (a freebie from Amazon for Kindle). Written:  …