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End of season at the East Yorkshire Coast

After a late start which turned into a wonderfully warm summer, the season has come to end.

We always seem to finish on a lovely day and this year was no exception .  As ever, it coincides with half term.

Looking forward to and already dreaming of next season!

Annual Autumn Trip to Northumberland

Instead of the wet and windy weather we frequently encounter on our visits, it was very mild and the sea was calm.
As well as stopping off at our usual haunts along the coastal route, we revisited areas we haven’t seen for a while.

Goodbye to a very special lady.

My auntie Edith passed away last week.  She was a very special lady for all sorts of reasons but I would like to share with you a story about her early years.  I wrote the story from the facts I gleaned from her over the years.

Flight from Nazi Germany

At the time I felt forsaken by my parents, yet excited at the prospect of seeing the sea and travelling by boat for the first time at 11 years old.How could I have known what would come to pass although, with hindsight, all the clues were there?
Life as we knew it changed from the time my uncle from Frankfurt came to live with us after losing his job for being Jewish.Home was a farm in a small village where we ran a little shop selling sugar, flour and suchlike, which supported my extended family.From the radio we learnt what was happening further afield and so did the other villagers, who no longer frequented our shop.The harvest workers, who had previously enjoyed hearty meals in our kitchen, failed to turn up that year.The other handful…

Baby naming, beetroot fritters and breakers

Spent a lovely weekend in London where we attended the baby naming of my latest great niece.We were treated to Salmon Coulibiac with fennel for Friday night dinner, tasty salads on Saturday and for brunch. 
On Sunday I had beetroot fritters at the Belsize Kitchen68 Belsize Lane London NW3

On the way we passed this statue.
Talking of food, here is another recipe from Patsy Collins, writer and blogger, to use up those apples.She says: Whisky apple cake is good. Put sliced apples sprinkled with whisky and brown sugar in the bottom of a dish, then cover with sponge mix and bake. Serve with cream or custard. Ginger cordial works well as an alternative to the whisky if you prefer.  Sounds yummy.
The beginning of the week saw high seas at the East Yorkshire coast.

 ....but the weather was fine, although windy, and we managed to do a bit of walking. The rough tides throw up all manner of things and I found some additions for my collection.