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More holidays

I am reminded about the French poem we learnt in school; la cigale et la fourmi. by Jean de La Fontaine. It told of the cricket who sang all summer whereas the ant worked hard stocking up food for the winter.I have played hard all summer and have a lot to catch up on now it’s over.

Jewish New Year
We dip apple in honey in order to bring about a sweet new year.I left no stone unturned in ensuring a sweet new year by using honey in the whole holiday menu; honey in the cake, tzimmos sweetened with honey and honey in the sauce on the salmon.
The Jewish new year is a religious festival and begins at dusk the night before with a huge meal.The morning is spent in the synagogue followed by another huge meal and, for us, it is traditional to have afternoon tea at my Aunty Edith’s with the extended family.The whole thing is then repeated for day two.It is a time for every individual to reflect on their character and how they can improve.

A trip to North Wales with my sisters
We spent a great coup…

The Swedish Experience

We have recently returned from a week in Sweden.Our visit was primarily to visit our family there including a new grandson and a two year old granddaughter who switches easily from English to Swedish, depending on to whom she is chatting.
We stayed with them at Farsta, a suburb of Stockholm, and during our time there, we had the opportunity of experiencing Swedish life and visiting a variety of interesting places.Whatever your destination, there are ‘country paths’ lined with trees, wild flowers, benches and children’s play areas, rather than walking along pavements next to a road.

Monday:Lunch by the lake
We walked along to the lake at Farsta Strand, where we had lunch at an old, wooden trading station.Lunch, vegetarian quiche (paj) seemed very expensive before I learnt that the price includes unlimited, salad, bread and hot drinks or juice.

On the way back, after passing attractive flower allotments, we stopped off at the popular local shopping centre, Farsta Centrum, which has won seve…