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Floral Matters

An enjoyable visit to RHS Harlow Carr in the sunshine this week, although the herbaceous borders are very late.

At last my peony has flowered; they evidently don't like to be moved   My flower arrangement from this month's session.

..... and what better to round off the week than a visit with my gardening group to a beekeeper's garden.

A week in Israel

After flying into Tel Aviv and picking up our hire car with satnav we negotiated the rush hour traffic and set off for Netanya, a seaside resort.We stayed at the Galil, a grand but somewhat dated hotel, across from the promenade with a good view of the sea from the balcony.The climate is warm with a pleasant breeze, the main language seemed to be French and there is a mixture of orthodox Jews and beach lovers.There are some beautiful apartments here and many old peoples’ homes.The wide promenade area is well planted up and there is ample seating and exercise equipment for both children and adults. Israeli breakfast takes the form of a buffet offering eggs, bread and cheese but also a range of salads and even pickled herrings.

Drove out to Afula where we lunched on falafel, chips and salad – all kosher – where the stallholder flipped the falafel balls into the air and caught them in the pitta.We then made our way to a kibbutz which was established in 19212, Ein Harod (עֵיןחֲרוֹד) to vis…