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Rain, rain, go away

The weather has been atrocious and the media keep telling us that more rain has fallen on this day or that day than usually falls in a whole month.Unfortunately these heavy downpours have become the norm this summer so we have been quite lucky with our activities so far.
Pocklington Canal
On the way to the coast we stopped for our picnic at the Canal Head, a site of special scientific interest (SSSI), home to a host of interesting plants, insects, birds and mammals.Completed in 1818, the canal carried coal, lime and fertiliser and agricultural produce until 1932 and is now being restored by volunteers.I’d like to revisit the area and spend more time there; perhaps walking the towpaths or taking a boat trip on the navigable stretches.

We came upon this carefully decorated house en route; the owners evidently unaware that the Olympic rings are a registered trademark or maybe the applied for permission.

These are some alternative views of Bridlington not the kind shown on postcards:

The gard…