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A slow start to Spring

It has been a miserable March, what with the weather, poor health and hospital visiting, but here a few highlights:
We were delighted to welcome our family from Sweden, who were not expecting similar weather to theirs.When they visited last year at the same time, the weather was glorious.

A visit to Tropical World warmed us up a bit:

As an East wind has brought temperatures which have been less than average for the time of year and the garden has been under snow on and off for weeks, everything is very late and it has been impossible to do any jobs.In fact, Spring judging for Yorkshire in Bloom has been cancelled for the first time ever.
Pictorial Meadows
Mike Evans of Ashworth Nurseries/Green Estate talked to our gardening club on the pictorial meadows and green wall his company supplies.A social enterprise, which started out to deal with unsightly, inner-city, wasteland areas, the company is based in the Manor Lodge, Sheffield, where Mary Queen of Scots used to stay. It…

Spring hasn't yet sprung

Spring almost arrived briefly and then went, leaving behind a few signs in the garden in the shape of shoots and sprouting bulbs. The lawn has never been so waterlogged but the Gypsy Girl crocuses I bought last Autumn in Sweden are now out.

My nephew, Simon Glass, showed his filmThe Tribe about the Jewish population who immigrated to our town both during the Pogroms and also the Nazi regime.  It runs like a documentary with interviews interspersed with old photos and footage.  The audience was made up of first, second or third generation immigrants or survivors of the Holocaust and Simon's commentary was followed by a good, interactive discussion.

Another nephew became a QC which means he gets a new wig and gown; sounds good to me!

Had my fair share of doctors and hospitals lately.  Wishing everyone good health.

Written:  A third article in the series Are We Nearly There Yet?  at  plus a  travelogue…