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Nippy November

It is becoming increasingly tempting to stay at home and cosy up.However the downside is that I am more aware of what needs doing in the house.I am already missing the garden and the coast.
Falling Leaves
Kept warm by raking the leaves up, both in my garden and at the gardening club. Don’t you find it easier doing someone else’s garden or even cleaning someone else’s home?I think it’s because you don’t get distracted.
Local Radio
I went along to a meeting where they were planning and producing a programme for next week with the theme Fire.I have presented pieces on this media from my writing group;listen to it on your PC at
Healthy Writers Group
I think vigorous gardening will count, as will abrisk walk and a session of Pilates.I am trying to develop a more regular regime.
I’ve had a travel article published about my picnic in a cemetery
and a short story at http://www.5minutefic…

Ghouls, Gardening, Goodbyes and Good intentions


Our usual Quiz night had a Halloween theme and the whole place was decorated with skeletons, bats etc.No quips about not needing a mask!

We had lots of trick or treaters, with some children preferring fruits to sweets.
I offered to help out some adults with special needs with their new allotment.It’s a great space with a large shed and even a compost toilet.

This month’s flower arrangement task was a single flower, the gerbera, and green foliage from the garden.
My gardening club held a Bring and Buy sale, from which I purchased some more plants, plus a World Fruit and Veg quiz where exotic species were placed on a map where they grew for us to name, or guess in may case,
The next session was a talk by David Aldred on the Washburn Valley, an area of Yorkshire where I have taken many a ramble from being a child.David’s presentation was really interesting and entertaining, all the more so by his use of superb photographs which he had taken himself. The talk covered the geograp…