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Flaming June

Another flower arrangement:this one is meant to portray an icecream sundae.Amazingly, the night scented stocks emitted their fragrance in the evening although they were indoors.

I have been invigilating at a local comp, envisaging what I can purchase with my gains.
My son came from Sweden for the weekend which called for laying on a scrumptious afternoon tea for the extended family.I baked my own birthday cake and made everyone sing happy birthday.Someone’s got to.Unfortunately, my son returned to find his car, possibly the oldest vehicle on the residents’ car park, had been stolen by ramming a huge boulder to exit the car park
The Olympic Torch
On Monday 18 June, as we were at the coast, we decided to watch the Olympic torch pass by in Bridlington.
Crowds lined the streets of the route waving the flags of St George and the Union Jack and wearing other patriotic apparel, which I suspect were bought for other occasions.Children had been given the afternoon off school and many sported homem…

June: Jubilations and jollies

Congratulations Her Majesty

I found the Diamond Jubilee flotilla absolutely fascinating.  The royal barge was decked out in red and gold, festooned with swathes of flowers and even a knot garden.  The assortment of boats included gondolas, coal tugs, fire boats and the Dunkirk little ships (so worthy of their presence) manned by sea cadets to Olympic rowers.  Crowds lined the River Thames waving flags, cheering and singing from apartment balconies, bridges and banks as the boats made their way past all the famous landmarks of old and new London.   One boat carried bellringers, another a choir and a third an orchestra which all added to the atmosphere as well as the blowing of foghorns and whistles.  Further entertainment was provided by the War Horse going through its paces at the National Theatre, a display of semaphore and the costumes and salutes of the sailors as the sailed by the Queen.

Our Jubilee Celebrations

Join us on Jubilee Monday 4 June 2012 and celebrate at the seasi…