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Holocaust Memorial Day

On Sunday I accompanied my aunt to the local event to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenauon 27 January 1945.This year’s theme was Communities Together:Build a Bridge.
My aunt came to the UK as a young girl on the Kindertransport after Kristallnacht to flee the Nazis.She and her sister managed to escape but her parents and many other members of her family perished in the death camps.Members of my family died in the Warsaw Ghetto.
Other camp survivors and their families attended.The fact that these people have reached a grand old age and have been successful in their fields shows that, despite the holocaust, Hitler failed in his plan.
Unfortunately, many people in the world still suffer from persecution because of their race, religion, disabilities or sexuality.
One of the projects of this scheme is to keep alive the music of the death camps and a choir sang a Czech folksong composed by Gideon Klein (1919-45) while in the Terezin Concentration Camp.
Dr. Dolf Mogendorff spoke abo…

Busy doing nothing

A couple of dry days gave me the opportunity to hack back a cotoneaster which was making a nuisance of itself to passers-by and had dropped its berries into my wall and produced clones; prickly thug!I replanted the wall with more bulbs and colourful polyanthuses and vowed to keep the wall in flower all year.
At the Gardening Club, members filled a table area (8ft x 2ft approx.) with examples of what is flowering or showing interesting foliage this month.It was amazing, to say we complain there is nothing in the garden at this time of year. One member brought some frankincense which he had purchased while on holiday in the Middle East.It is made from the resin of a tree and is available in three grades; for medical purposes, for cosmetics or perfume and for incense.
Out and about
Our team did not perform well at the Quiz, where we usually hold our own.
Ate with friends at the Red Hot World Buffet, which I can’t rate highly enough.Three courses from a menu offering Mediterranean, …

First footing

Happy New Year!
A swift look back at 2012 in no particular order
The ups:
Swam in North Sea
Completed a full year of the Write 1 Sub 1 monthly challenge leading to short stories being published.
Joined a writing group and wrote for a read some pieces on local radio.
Started Flower Arranging classes and won the trophy for best beginner out of two classes
Held a party at the coast.
A healthy new grandson
Special people treated successfully for cancer
Spent a weekend away with my sisters and an afternoon tea with many of my female cousins; ideas which had been talked about for ages.
The downs:
Lost close relatives and friends.The downside of being blessed with a large family is that lots of celebrations are balanced with worries and losses.
I have much to be thankful for.
So what of the coming year?While I subscribe to the Yiddish proverb which translates to “man plans, god laughs”, I do believe in trying new things, so:
I have taken up the weekly W1S1 challenge.
I aim to complete my novel/novella