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December Solstice

Well, we’ve made it so far.Things can only get better as the days start to lengthen again.At the moment it’s pouring down and flood warnings are out for some areas of Britain.I shall move on to something less depressing.
The advantage of going to parties with different sets of guests is that you can wear the same outfit for all.
My grandson shared a football party with his friend for their 7th birthday.The kids, dressed in football kit, were organised into teams by a coach at the local gym.Everyone joined in and enjoyed pizza for tea.A good time was had by all.
The Birthday Boys

 Then came the party with a twist; the online Writers’ Office Christmas Party hosted by Sally Quilford on Facebook.All the usual elements of the party were there, only virtually.It was attended by loads of people from all over the globe and lasted all day.It was a really good do and not a hangover in sight.This led to the spin off The Writers Office set up by Val Bonney, which promises to be equally s…

Crafts, curiosities and candles

Completed a year’s course in flower arrangement with this festive decoration

and, to my utter astonishment, I was presented with this beautiful silver cup for best newcomer!  I was really chuffed as this is the first trophy I have won in my life.

John Hobson gave a fascinating, illustrated talk entitled Curious Yorkshire.  I thought I was pretty clued up on this part of Yorkshire, but he proved me wrong.

From coast to moors and inland towns, he told us tales from the area, some to be taken with a pinch of salt.  If you are local and have the opportunity to hear John speak or visit the area, you will be enthralled.  Here is just a taster.
The talk began with the birthplace of Captain Cook, Staithes, where the women wore special padded bonnets to protect the head when carrying baskets full of mussels for fishing bait. Each day they would make up the bait with the mussels and attached them to a fishing line for the fishermen. The bonnet, gathered at the neck with a frill to allow the water t…

Shorter Days and Longer Nights

Long hours of rain, the sun setting by 4pm and waking up to the cold and dark are all signs of winter which usually brings on the winter blues.We have fared better than many parts of the UK who have been hit by floods and not for the first time this year.The weather remains cold but bright with blue skies and I have even spotted the odd poppy and rose daring to put on a display.I planted Iris Sunrise bulbs; some in a pot for a payback scheme to my gardening club and some in my garden.
The Good, Bad and the Ugly
I attended the Bar mitzvah of my friend’s grandson.A lovely celebration and Sam sang his piece beautifully.  Unfortunately, I have been to a few funerals lately, and this week was the consecration of the gravestone of my late brother-in-law who died very suddenly in January.I feel he would have appreciated the large numbers of family and friends who attended and even the congenial atmosphere at the gathering afterwards. My laptop developed a horrific virus which took the f…

Nippy November

It is becoming increasingly tempting to stay at home and cosy up.However the downside is that I am more aware of what needs doing in the house.I am already missing the garden and the coast.
Falling Leaves
Kept warm by raking the leaves up, both in my garden and at the gardening club. Don’t you find it easier doing someone else’s garden or even cleaning someone else’s home?I think it’s because you don’t get distracted.
Local Radio
I went along to a meeting where they were planning and producing a programme for next week with the theme Fire.I have presented pieces on this media from my writing group;listen to it on your PC at
Healthy Writers Group
I think vigorous gardening will count, as will abrisk walk and a session of Pilates.I am trying to develop a more regular regime.
I’ve had a travel article published about my picnic in a cemetery
and a short story at http://www.5minutefic…

Ghouls, Gardening, Goodbyes and Good intentions


Our usual Quiz night had a Halloween theme and the whole place was decorated with skeletons, bats etc.No quips about not needing a mask!

We had lots of trick or treaters, with some children preferring fruits to sweets.
I offered to help out some adults with special needs with their new allotment.It’s a great space with a large shed and even a compost toilet.

This month’s flower arrangement task was a single flower, the gerbera, and green foliage from the garden.
My gardening club held a Bring and Buy sale, from which I purchased some more plants, plus a World Fruit and Veg quiz where exotic species were placed on a map where they grew for us to name, or guess in may case,
The next session was a talk by David Aldred on the Washburn Valley, an area of Yorkshire where I have taken many a ramble from being a child.David’s presentation was really interesting and entertaining, all the more so by his use of superb photographs which he had taken himself. The talk covered the geograp…