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Summer arrives in Spring

A couple of days of fog and drizzle has been followed by sunshine and doubled temperatures; British weather at its best.  Been busy gardening.

Pampered myself with a facial and pedicure.  So relaxing.

Ellie made a Megillah and knew the whole story.

Ronnie wanted picking up from Manchester Airport as it was too late to collect his car from the garage in Rochdale.  In the event, the flight was delayed by two hours and he was not best pleased that it was too late for me to pick him up.  They managed to get a train back and we collected the car the next day after seeing Ben off at the station.  They had a good trip, surviving mainly on fellafel.  I shall post some photos when he has annotated them for me.

Caravan season has begun and I was relieved to see our static still standing and the garden had survived although it was under a layer of twigs from the trees which had been coppiced.  The coastline showed some changes after the harsh winter, but for the moment all was calm.

We visited S…

medical matters

Cannot believe so many friends and family have been in hospital/poorly just recently.  I am delighted to report that the outcome is favourable for all.  Hospital is never a good experience, but the new Bexley Wing is well impressive.  It has the David Hockney prints of the East Riding of Yorkshire that I have searched for in vain and some quality photographs of the construction workers on the walls.  There was even a vocalist and guitarist performing in the foyer where outpatients were awaiting their appointments.  The new multi-storey car park for visitors is always busy and driving down from the top floor is like being on a helter skelter.

These problems pale into insignificance when you think of the suffering of the japanese.

Ronnie and Ben have spent a week in Israel - reclaiming their past youth?  On route to the airport, the car broke down on the motorway which meant they had to stand on the bank in gale force winds and driving rain.  The pickup truck came within half an hour, d…

A bunch of firsts

It is the 1st March today.  It was also the first time this year I hung the washing to dry outside (called for a shehechiyanu), first time I saw a bee and first time for a bunch of daffodils to cheer up the house.

Lovely, still, sunny day and, as I had an appointment cancelled, spent a productive half day in the garden.  an ex-colleague stopped for a chat as he saw me in the front garden while driving up the street and we caught up with some news.

Invigilated for some GCSE science modules then walked round the lake at Roundhay Park.

Exciting news!  Attended a training course to become a Britain in Bloom judge.  I felt a bit of a lay person sitting between a radio presenter of a gardening programme and a head of a parks department but my skills in assessing held me in good stead.  An interesting session and a dream come true!

Ronnie has done a sterling job on the pine trees in the garden resulting in multi-trips to the tip.  Some tippers brought just one item whereas others seemed to be…

Enjoying myself as if it's my half term

Although I don't officially have a half term holiday, the grandchildren do and I feel lucky to say that this involves me, even if my front room resembles a playgroup as the weather isn't good enough to play outside.   

Went to see an Israeli film The Wisdom of the Pretzel.  As always, I enjoy these films that portray characters with warts and all.

The weather has improved and the temperature climbed to double figures.  We took the children to Harlow Carr where we followed the Bugs and Beasty Trail successfully and participated in the mini workshops on the way round.  We thoroughly enjoyed the morning and the volunteers had provided activities which were great fun for both children and adults.  We ate our picnic sitting on a bench watching the world go by.  The RSPB volunteers had provided binoculars in the hide where we say siskins.  Couldn't help showing off and mentioning that we had been visited by a flock of lapwings and, since then, we have had a red kite soaring ove…