Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U is for Ulrome

Ulrome is a small village on the East Yorkshire coast which shrinks year by year as coastline erosion takes its course.

 Coastguard Cottages

At the entrance to the village is a triangle which we call duck island as that is where they like to hang out near the village pond.
 'Duck Island'

 The village pond

To the side, you will find one of the two churches, which was one of 16 projects shortlisted for the finals of the English Heritage Angel Awards, backed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, in October last year.

The size of the congregation at St Andrews is currently just ten; up to a couple of years ago it remained unused as the building had fallen into such disrepair.   This small group managed to raise sufficient funds and carry out maintenance work to reopen the building.



 The churchyard

With farm land on one side and cottages on the other, Ulrome is an attractive place. 

The main street has now become a  dead end as the road linking it with the next village has now crumbled away and won't be replaced.  When the bus reaches here it has to turn round.

 The Beach

Just love it!


  1. Beautiful pictures. And the most unique U post I've seen today. :)

  2. I love the lettering of The Old Joiners Shop!


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