Thursday 7 February 2013

Snowdrops and Snippets


Alpine Meadows
Angela Hanson gave a wonderful, illustrated talk to our gardening club on Alpine Meadows.  These are the upland pastures where the cattle are taken in the summer to graze, leaving the lower areas for the winter.  These meadows are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna; gentians, cowslips, orchids, golden hawksbeard, mulleins and yellowrattles.  Many of the flowers are hairy to keep them warm.  The skiing industry has left its toll, but now these meadows are recognised as important areas to be preserved.

It reminded me of my favourite story; Heidi.

Launch of The Chapel

The local writing group and radio station with which I am involved has received a huge grant to restore the old chapel which serves as their base.  It is a beautiful building with polished, wooden pews, an organ and a balcony held up by ornamental pillars.  The acoustics are amazing, allowing recitals without the need for a microphone.  The Lord Mayor attended and we heard poetry, songs and prose.  It will be a couple of years before the work is complete, but Rome wasn't built in a day!

Healthy Writers Club

Some voluntary gardening afforded strenuous exercise, managed a bit at home and Pilates.  I am also doing the 5:2 diet, where 2 days are on reduced calories leaving you to eat what you want for the rest of the week.  It suits me as you can pick your days and because you have been so careful of those days, you don't want to undo the good work on the normal days.

Someone I was at primary school with sent me this picture of when I was nine.  The lollipop lady was crossing us the road, a dual carriageway.  I was, and am, smaller than my classmates.  I am behind the  pole.  These were the days when you walked to school without parents.
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Flower arranging

The theme this month was Spring Treasures

“The sea is their grave but this Memorial sculpture is, in many ways, a headstone for the lost trawlermen”

I have always been impressed by the architecture in the centre of the maritime city of Hull, especially the old buildings with their carving...