Saturday 31 December 2022

Take your time, enjoy the journey, be grateful for what you have

Here are some of my favourite things this year:


Lessons in Chemistry- Bonnie Garmus

The Whistleblower – Robert Peston

End of Summer – Anders de la Motte



Mrs Harris goes to Paris


Fundamentals of Caring (Netflix)

Plants which have made my heart sing:

Salvia Hot Lips

Lavateria Burgundy Wine

Geranium Rozanne

Places I have enjoyed:

East Yorkshire Coast

Northumberland Coast

Praia de Gale, Portugal

Celebrations with family and friends must also be included. With all the bad stuff that goes on in the world, I sometimes need to remind myself that I am indeed blessed.

I would love to hear yours to top me up for the year ahead.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!

Saturday 17 December 2022

Advent Ghosts Stories 2022

 Welcome to Advent Ghosts 2022, the thirteenth annual shared storytelling event at I Saw Lightning Fall . Hosted by Loren Eaton. a group of us have celebrated that peculiarly British tradition of telling spooky stories right before Christmas.  The challenge is to tell a story in exactly 100 words.

Click on the blog here to find more stories on Loren's blog. You may well be surprised!

The farewell wave

Simon ceased kicking the ball against the wall as he knew it upset Gran who was slowly making her way down the path with her tartan shopping trolley. Dressed for the cold, damp day and looking as though she was fully recovered from a bout of Covid, she shouted goodbye to Simon who returned her cheery wave.

Suddenly a car pulled up. It was his uncle who ran up the path without acknowledging Simon. His mother was at the doorway and beckoned to Simon, hugged him and told him that his Gran had just passed away peacefully in her bed.

“The sea is their grave but this Memorial sculpture is, in many ways, a headstone for the lost trawlermen”

I have always been impressed by the architecture in the centre of the maritime city of Hull, especially the old buildings with their carving...