Wednesday 27 April 2022

Yom Hashoah – 27th April 2022 / יוֹם הַשּׁוֹאָה 5782

On Wednesday 27th April at 7:30pm, the UK Jewish community will gather to remember together the loss of six million and to pay tribute to the Survivors and Refugees for the remarkable contributions they have made to the Jewish community and wider UK society.

The theme this year is

Remembering the past

 honouring the memory

shaping the future

Many events are taking place to promote this.

The Talmud says:  As long as someone’s name is remembered, his name will live on forever.   To remember the past, I am lighting a yellow candle to honour the  memory of  Welwel Wajman of Lodz, Poland who was murdered at Chelmno in 1943 aged 28  …. for being Jewish.

May his memory be a blessing.  יהי זכרו לברכה

Shaping the future is proving more difficult when senseless killings, prejudice and displacement of people are still occurring.  

This year each candle lighter has been sent a sunflower seed, which happens to be the national flower of Ukraine.  The flower produces many more seeds to ensure the future of the species.

Sunday 24 April 2022

Yorkshire in April

 No wonder it's known as God's own County!

Just wanted to share a few locations worth a visit if ever you're in the neighbourhood.


 Valley Gardens, Harrogate

 Garden of Serenity, Harrogate

Golden Acre Park, Leeds

Burnsall, Yorkshire Dales


Parcevall Hall, Skyreholme, Yorkshire Dales


Parcevall Hall is the retreat house of the Anglican Diocese of Leeds.


“The sea is their grave but this Memorial sculpture is, in many ways, a headstone for the lost trawlermen”

I have always been impressed by the architecture in the centre of the maritime city of Hull, especially the old buildings with their carving...