Sunday 25 June 2017

Secret Gardens of Bridlington Old Town

I have often browsed in the art galleries and antique shops in the narrow streets of Bridlington Old Town with its Georgian terrace houses which give directly onto the pavement.  Little did I imagine the  delights of the secret gardens to be found at the back of the buildings. 
The twenty plus gardens are open to the public once a year for charity and this is just a sample of what was to be found.
 This yard was full of various breeds of geese, ducks and hens

 There was interest at every turn in this garden with its attractive summer house (see below)

 A narrow path opened up into this huge garden with a fine view of the church, which an artist was drawing

 Just room for one at a time on this garden path

 The owner of this garden is a stonemason.  he had a fine collection of old, carved stone from various sources.  We were invited to try our hand at it.
 Sometimes you believe you know a neighbourhood quite well but you can be surprised!

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Lincolnshire Gardens

Our gardening group recently visited three wonderful gardens in Lincolnshire.  I loved all three but my absolute favourite was Mill Farm.

“The sea is their grave but this Memorial sculpture is, in many ways, a headstone for the lost trawlermen”

I have always been impressed by the architecture in the centre of the maritime city of Hull, especially the old buildings with their carving...