Friday, 18 December 2020

Scary Stories


This story is in response to the regular call for shared storytelling  on the blog 100 words for advent from Loren Eaton.

The blog is described “as a place for people who like stories in general and genre fiction in particular. It's a place for folks who prefer to read and write fantasy and horror, science fiction and crime fiction”.

So here is my 100 word story:

The Poison Garden

Visiting the Poison Garden was her idea.   

Hundreds of species of poisonous plants from rhubarb to hemlock were attractively arranged, interspersed with culinary and medicinal herbs.

Hurrying my wife past warnings on the information board, I actively encouraged rubbing leaves to release the aroma of various plants lining our route.  Surely she would encounter a poisonous one.

“Help! Quick. Look at this rash!”

Pretending not to hear and willing myself not to look back, I waited until she fell silent before shouting for assistance. 

The Coroner reported her death wasn’t from the irritant, Ruta graveolens, but from a heart attack.

 - 0 -

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  1. Man, what a twist! Have you ever read Robin Hobb's "Assassin's Apprentice"? It has a scene in it that reminds me of this.

  2. Excellent! Love the set up and the pay off.

  3. Yeah, she's gonna haunt him. Good story.

  4. I love rhubarb, especially with custard.
    Bur seriously, very creepy, well done, Linda.


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