Friday, 5 April 2013

E is for Ellie-Mae

I am blogging today about one of my grandchildren, now aged 5.

Since being a toddler, she has played imaginatively with her dolls and acted in the role of nursery teacher and then school teacher.
 Giving out stickers for good work

Before she goes to bed, Annabel or whichever doll is in her favour, has to be changed, fed and put in a cot.
 Raggedy Anne gets breakfast in bed

At her school, she takes the register, explains the task and goes round her class cajoling or reprimanding.
 Teaching her cousin

Is she a sweetie?  Not always; she can be stubborn and untidy and drive you mad.  However, her saving grace is that she is always ready to go to bed quite early and, after a story, is quite content to let you go and let her sleep.

Love her to bits.

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  1. What a lovely post! To be five Again! I miss my grands. I treasure every minute I get with them. We live 800 miles away from all ten of them. Many blessings


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