Monday, 1 April 2013

A to Z challenge A

This is the first time I have attempted this challenge, but here goes.
A bland choice of subject I know but registering a the last minute, and inaccurately at that, this gives me a chance to get something posted.
April Fool's Day was unexciting except for a few bits and pieces on Facebook which had me taken in. 
The weather here is untypical for April and I still have snow in may garden and not a daffodil in sight.  The East wind is unremitting and the only good point is the lack of April showers.


  1. A short run of warm weather totally confused my daffodils. They've been up for quite awhile and are now on their way out. Visiting from AtoZ.

  2. Glad you are joining in on the fun! Hope to read more about this retirement or whatever you find to fill your alphabet up with!

  3. I never tire of hearing about the weather in the UK. As long as I'm far away from it!
    I started the challenge at the last minute with random posts. That was two years ago.

    1. I hope it will be better when we visit Israel next month

  4. Good for you taking up the challenge! That east wind is horrible isn't it - wish it would go away now :-) x


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