Saturday, 6 November 2010

Weekend with Freya

I'm excited to say that Ben and Freya are coming for the weekend while Emma has a girly weekend in Stockholm.  Travelling with Freya entails a multitude of medical equipment and Ben is coming by train.  He misses the first train as the taxi got stuck in traffic but we meet them off the next train; Freya with her face covered in carrot snack.  We just make it in time to pick up the other two grandchildren at their respective schools.  It was lovely to have everyone there for Friday night dinner and it was a full house upstairs.

Freya is doing more and has a happy disposition but is not interested in eating much.  Ronnie gives her a much needed haircut, but takes off too much in my opinion.  She goes on the swings at Roundhay Park, receives visits from relatives and all too soon it's time to go back to London.

 Freya likes her new hairstyle - maybe Daddy should have one!

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