Saturday, 16 July 2011

Birthdays, Parties and Anniversaries

Pupils celebrated Israel's birthday/Yom HaAtzmauth at Ellie's nursery by bringing and planting a plant in the raised beds in the playground.  Instant garden makeover; brilliant.  The children enjoyed it and the dancing which followed.

Former pupils as parents and contemporaries as grandparents - last danced together at Judean Club!

Ellie's had a birthday party in the garden with a bouncy castle. After a long spell of fine, dry weather, it rained but this didn't stop the guests having fun on the bouncy castle.

On the actual day of her birthday we had to light candles again and, of course, eat more cake.

We welcomed baby Evelyn Agatha to our family too this week.

It was my father's Jahreszeit for and Rev Gilbert said some lovely words in shul.  It is good and right that he should be remembered this way.

Other news:  Working as an invigilator for the summer examination series.  Went to a local quiz with Val and friends.  Lost the key to the garage and as it was locked we had to call a locksmith to see to it at vast expense.  Naturally we found it later.  And, oh yes, I had always wanted to be a page 3 girl and so I was!

 In the Telegraph, buying tickets for the Festival of Performing Arts.

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