Monday, 23 May 2011

Everyone back to work and school - except me!

Looking back at last year's diary, the vast majority of entries were work-related.  By comparison, this year's diary is full and with a broad range of activities too.  Have I become a hedonist?

Went to Harlow Carr with Ellie. 

 Lovely tulips

 The new hen house

Couple of restful days at the caravan ..... aah!

Ate at the Saffron Indian Restaurant Vegetarian Masala and Balti Saag Paneer with Spinach and Indian cheese; Aloo Gobi  and steamed potatoes and cauliflower, stir fried in aromatic spices.

Poured down over night and still raining in the morning but good well needed rain for the garden.  Took the opportunity to visit the Bridlington Spa open day where we saw local artists at work  and the two theatre areas.

 Pembroke Gardens - new
 ... and old

Sun came out and it really warmed up; the countryside looked beautiful after the rain.  We saw North Frodingham (which Ronnie thinks sounds like something from a Harry Potter novel), North Dalton and Warter in all their glory.  Truly wonderful views which I find difficult to capture with my camera.  David Hockney catches the feel of the region in his paintings, especially those of the trees in Warter.

Swirlz Ice Cream ParlourOn the way home, stopped at the Ice Cream Parlour at Pocklington, next to the Arts Centre, for refreshments.

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