Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A celebration of 150 years of jewish life in Leeds 1860 - 2010

Leeds City Museum in Millennium Square hosted this interactive exhibition of all things Jewish including photos, artifacts, Klezmer music, courtesy of the Freylach Spielers and even a mock Jewish wedding under a chuppah where we, the audience, were the guests.   A humourous explanation of the wedding service was given by a narrator and the Rabbi and Chazan were the very same who presided over Rochelle and David's Wedding in October.

 the chuppah

 the mock wedding

It was great fun and aptly timed in Interfaith Week.  My nephew Simon was filming and interviewing with kids from the Zone and my niece Rebecca had compiled a leaflet for the Jewish Genealogy Society's stand on my mother's Bobby (Grandma),Katie Goldberg, and her descendants.  She gave it the title The Goldberg Chronicle and  subtitle 'What Katy Did' and included her three marriages!  I will give a link to the pdf document as soon as I work out how to do so.  Hope this works:

The Lord Mayor and the Sheriff of Leeds attended and spoke about the significant contributions that the community has made to the city; Marks and Spencers, Burtons and Barratt/Stylo just to mention a few.

When we came out it was snowing hard.  We had planned to visit the Christmas Market in the square, but we were anxious for Janet who has to return to Manchester and that must wait for another time.
 The Christmas Market at Millennium Square in the snow

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