Thursday, 9 December 2010

A white chanukah

The snow remains with us as the freezing weather stops it from melting even from the treetops.  Picturesque it may be but, as temperatures plummet in the night,  the ice makes conditions hazardous on the roads.  It is mostly too cold to play out in the snow.

The chanukah candles have brightened up the evenings and Louis and Ellie have lit them with us on most nights.  On the 7th night we went to a chanukah party at shul where we were entertained with magic tricks and a Punch and Judy show (had forgotten how much violence portrayed) and ate latkes, vegie hot dogs and doughnuts - well you can indulge once a year!



 .... at the Goldberg's

 the purple menorah made by Louis at school. 
I have sent an upright hoover and some steel tipped boots to new homes through the local freecycle group. It's great when people can find a use for what is on offer.  I have received such items as kids bikes and travel cots from fellow freecyclers, although some of the items to give away make me laugh - and then someone takes them.

Emma and Freya are off to Sweden for a month; I will ask for photos to be sent.  Freya will have her first birthday there.  Oterlie and family are due to arrive from Mexico on Thursday.  The world seems a much smaller place, yet I can hardly make my way on foot to the local shops it is so icy!

Done a few sessions of work and my CRB check has been approved for there too.

Corrie is exciting yet unbelievable.  I wonder if I can continue to follow it after this week.

I see from my blog dashboard that I have been viewed by Croatia.  They must think that all this fuss about the weather is pathetic!

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