Tuesday, 24 August 2010

catch up

Spent the week catching up with old (or they would prefer to be called long-standing friends, which is always a pleasure.

Went to Harlow Carr gardens in Harrogate with Monika which gave me inspiration for my meagre plots.  As usual she baked me an advocaat cake - delicious!

After A level results (good), invited myself along to Debs with another friend and received a 'lucky bag' of plums (made into prunes aux pates d'amandes with the help of the grandchildren) and plum jam.  Returned to school later for the graduation dinner to find a photo of myself on the back of the menu/programme as a leaver.

Also this week, our usual monthly bolby (chat/gossip) where we celebrated a son's wedding, a golden wedding and a house sale.

Met Ros and Mike on their flying visit to Leeds plus some old friends from primary school and of course saw members of the immediate and extended family.

The rest of the time was spent booking our holiday.  This would be such a simple process if we chose a package hol!

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