Saturday, 21 August 2010

A few days to myself

Another hobby is searching second-hand shops as you never know what you might find.

Up until now my best finds have been:

• Necklace with the name Naomi in hebrew letters at Hawes market

• Limoges figurine for £1.99 currently worth a great deal more from a local charity shop

• The complete Yomtov cook book – from a Bridlington charity shop – not exactly where you would expect to find one

Anyway, here I am alone in the caravan typing up my day, after stopping up for a huge mug of tea in the biker’s cafe en route where a notice read ‘please put helmets on chairs or floor’.

I parked for free in the Cinema Street car park and visited Hornsea Museum; a really interesting and well presented portrayal of local and social history including an exhibition of the now closed down Hornsea Pottery. Some things made me smile and chuckle out loud as some things don’t change!

Well worth the entrance fee of £2 00 as a pensioner.

Afterwards trawled the local shops but finding nothing. Thought I would treat myself to a cup of coffee but the coffee machine was down in the cafe I chose so I forewent the bun .

I then called in at the Public Library, browsed through the local history section and used the computer (free for an hour, longer if they are quiet) to discover from my e-mails that I hadn’t got the job I applied for at £353 per day. Bummer!

Absolutely poured down last night – really stormy, so I reckoned a good time to pursue one of may other hobbies – beachcombing. Previously I have found an amazing fossil with a starfish clearly visible, but just collected some cobbles for the garden and various size pebbles to paint. Big roller waves were breaking on the beach but didn’t have the camera.

Walked down to the fete at the local village hall but the last buns had just been sold. I was impressed by an enterprising young girl who had made wellie clips and an Ulrome survival kit. Was tempted by the plants and books but didn’t wish to be burdened with purchases as had plans to check out a public footpath opposite. Found this to be Rickaby Woodland Walk but saved it for later. Finished the day gardening or rather pulling out the thistles which have grown under the caravan.

Took an early evening stroll and some pics of the sea.

Summer is fast coming to an end.

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