Out and About

It has been a busy but enjoyable fortnight for me.  All good; good company, good food and good weather.  Here are a few of the things I've been getting up to.

Off to Haworth where I had the privilege of judging this lovely village for Yorkshire in Bloom
 Bronte Parsonage
Next day to Manchester Airport to collect family from Sweden.

Parcevall Hall to see the daffodils

Danby Castle, North Yorkshire for my nephew’s wedding

Big family gathering for Passover Seder

Back to Manchester Airport returning via the moors rather than the M62 with stunning views.
Off to the East Yorkshire coast:  15 people and 2 dogs catering with Passover food
Returning via:

 The Yorkshire Wolds

 the Augustinian Priory at Kirkham

Soon I will be back to routine but with a full bank of memories.




  1. The last fortnight sounds wonderful x

  2. Wonderful pictures of what sounds like a wonderful two weeks, with such diverse activities, all of them highlights on their own.

  3. You have been busy - but in a very good way by the sound of it.


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