..... and so 2013 comes to an end

As I arrive at the end of twenty thirteen
And review tasks done and places I’ve seen,
I count my blessings.

Parties to celebrate something or nothing
Birthdays, marriages and a baby naming,
As I count my blessings.

The loss of those close to us is hard to endure
But being part of my life was indeed an honour,
So, I count my blessings

May the year ahead bring good health and challenges new,
Have you decided on the things that you want to do?
While counting your blessings.

I feel fortunate to have celebrated many events and achieved many ‘firsts for me’ this year; baking bread, going live on local radio, completing the A-Z blogging challenge and the Write1Sub1 weekly challenge and working on an allotment to mention a few.
 I have a several projects in mind for the coming year; making ice cream, continuing the W1S1 weekly challenge and appearing at a literary festival being some of them. 
Fellow blogger Maria at First Draft Cafe gave me the idea of A Jar Full of Happiness http://firstdraftcafe.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/a-jar-full-of-happiness.html where you put a note of all your achievements and red letter days in a jar throughout the year and open them on New Year’s Eve.  I use a virtual memory box at the moment but I’m considering a jar, or even a box to put invitations, photos and tickets to help me remember the good times.

Wishing you all good health and happiness for 2014




  1. What a wonderful idea. I think I've just got my resolution.

    Happy New Year.

  2. The jar full of happiness is a great idea! I keep invitations, tickets etc. in my diary, I paste them in on or near the day the event happened, which is a very nice memory when I go back through one of the recent years. It is also helpful if I want to remember what happened "today one year ago" or so.

  3. Live radio is an experience isn't it. Once time the radio car came down to the allotments and it was so strange listening to the programme in headphones and joining in. The studio experience is very different.

    We have projects earmarked for this year but whether we will complete them or not remains to be seen.

  4. Yay for all your firsts in 2013! Hope 2014 is amazing for you.


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