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I have duplicated some pieces of this post on two other gardening related blogs I maintain, so humour me and trust me when I say it’s not a senior moment!

We can’t really complain about November this year as the weather has been quite kind.

Thomas Hood’s poem comes to mind; here is the last verse ....
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member--
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds,

I’ve tidied my garden in a wildlife friendly way and planted up a few more tulips.  Being able to see the bare bones of the plot gets me thinking creatively about my projects for next season.   I should carry a notebook and pencil in my pocket as these are usually forgotten by the time the session is finished!
The leaves seem to have remained until later in the month compared to last year and I enjoyed a visit RHS Harlow Carr.

The AGM of Yorkshire in Bloom was held in Temple Newsam, which gave me  the opportunity for a  stroll in the grounds.

 Temple Newsam House

On the way back, as the sun was still shining,  I couldn’t pass the Canal Gardens at Roundhay Park without a peak in.

The allotment where I am a volunteer has also slowed down, so I will be spending more time in the parks.  The afternoons are very short at the moment but we are only three weeks away from the shortest day.

Broad Beans Aquadulce Claudia  
The upside is that, theoretically, there should be more time for writing.



  1. I hadn't heard that poem before about November - and have now read it here and in the People's Friend - it sums up how I feel about the month perfectly :-) Beautiful pictures - makes me think the month isn't so bad after all :-) x

  2. I can clearly remember our Junior school teacher introducing us to that poem and I've loved it ever since. I agree that November could have been worse but I look forward to lighter evenings.

    Our garden is all settled down for winter too. The pelargoniums are in the greenhouse as are the fuschias and dahlia corms. And the bird feeder is attracted all those little birds that hardly ever visit in the summer. Compensation indeed.

  3. No matter what time of year, the gardens and parks look beautiful!
    Love the bright red leaves, they light up even a gloomy November afternoon.

  4. We went to Harlow Carr last week and caught sight on the red kites, Rain cut the visit short but we will be back. We've also been to Temple Newsam a few times and must remember to go at rhododendron flowering time. We haven't been to Roundhay for ages so maybe this years!


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