Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2010: Out with the old ......

Met up for lunch with some ex-colleagues in Otley.  There was still a covering of snow over Otley Chevin and the fields which made the sheep look grubby by comparison.  We (Martin, Sue and Pete, Janie and Lizzie B) started off at Wetherspoons and had lunch at Korks Wine Bar and Brewery.  Good choice of vegetarian food at a fair price of £8.95 for two courses.  Steve and Jean joined us for coffee.

Ben came for the weekend and brought us Grandma and Grandad mugs with Freya's footprint; priceless.  On Christmas Day we went for a walk in the park with the kids

On Sunday we spent an enjoyable  afternoon at Beryl's with the family.

Braved the crowds and weather and  went to the sales in Leeds centre.  Naomi bought for England and I ended up with a black T-shirt.  Ben's gone back to London en route for Sweden.  He's really missed his girls.

We had a trip out to Ripon, which could be described as an old market town but its cathedral gives it city status.  We parked in the square and, as both the pay and display machines were blocked, we reckoned it was free parking.  On emerging from Yorkshire Trading, we saw a traffic warden by Ronnie's car and hurried over as quickly as we could bearing in mind the square was like a skating rink.   After explaining that the machines would not accept our money, the warden agreed that we did not need to pay but we had failed to display.   We hadn't even tried to print a ticket without paying!  Call it Christmas spirit,  but no further action was taken.

We drove on to Ripley where we had lunch in the grounds of the Castle.

This tree was pretty in pink.  Will have a trip round the gardens in the summer.
Took the kids to the Canal Gardens and warmed up in Tropical World and Butterfly House.  Just the thing for a freezing cold day.

 Check the temperature!

This year's panto at Harewood Village Hall was Cinderella and, apart from the Ugly Sisters who didn't really need a mic, we had a good time.

Can't believe it is Freya's first birthday.  She had a party for her family and received lots of presents.  She is leading a jetsetting life there:

 Swedish Santa pays her a visit

 ....... horse riding

 ....... sledging

 ........ walking

 ...... watching TV?

Can't wait to see her!

Went to Harlow Carr with the kids.  A bit too muddy and icy to go in the maze and playground, but a pleasant walk.  From the bird hide we saw a squirrel had somehow managed to get to the tray of seed in the squirrel-proof  area.   Red Kites were again in evidence.

And that brings us to the end of 2010 and I wish all readers a happy and healthy new year.  I never fail to be amazed at the 'hits' from near and far.  I would love to know how you came to read it.

As I re-read my blog, I am reminded of  happy times and good fortune.  I have previously mentioned that it wouldn't be real life without its share of misfortunes, disappointments and challenges but I have chosen to focus on the positives.

I am not one for making resolutions for the new year, but I did say near the start of this blog that I would tackle the garden and try some writing this year.  I have also set myself the challenge of getting fit (and less fat!).   Perhaps my blog should be less eclectic.  Feedback always welcome.

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