Thursday, 21 October 2010

What else am I doing with my time

I'm really loving this new found freedom.  It has enabled me to spend more time in the garden; how can anyone be bored or feel low when they have a garden.  It needs constant tending, like a child, but usually responds to text book theory and doesn't answer back!  Planted some violas in tubs and wallflowers in front for Spring and Summer colour.  Wish my wardrobe was as easy to update.

I have returned to Pilates after a long break.  Signed up for a 6-week stint but miss the camaraderie of the other class.

Ellie has been a good companion for visiting relatives, shops and  library.  She has an opinion about everything and gives a good insight into life at her nursery.

Entertained ex-members of  the Talmud Torah PTA.   Yes, our children are all over 30 now but we continued to meet every month either in someone's house or go out for a meal.  Some refer to it as the bolbe (yiddish) club and we may, from time to time, put the world to rights or exchange information.

I have taken the plunge and acquired a new phone.  It's got more functions than I'll ever need or even learn how to operate but I'm getting there.

An ex-colleague phoned and I was surprised to learn that it was nearly their half term.  I am not missing preparing for open day, organising the careers roadshow or half termly reports.

Louis won a star award for 'making the right choices'.  It was Max who told us that Louis had his name called out in assembly and had to receive a ruler (not like when we were at school) from the headteacher in front of the whole school.  When asked by the Head why he was awarded the star, he said 'for helping my mum'.  As if!

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