Six on Saturday

No, I can’t claim that these are in my garden but, last week, two members of our gardening club brought in these beauties from their gardens.  Impressive for this time of year, I think.
So these are my six:
1.       Winter jasmine which graces the wall next to my front door from late October to the end of March.
2 .      Viburnum tinus Eve an evergreen which seems to flower most of the year and has glossy green leaves and is useful for flower arranging.

3.  Rosa Flower Carpet White, actually quite upright and a prolific, continuous flowerer

4.  Euphorbia Tasmanian Tiger, a good looker in any season.

5. Hebe; small with purple leaves.  Not sure of its name as there are several similar ones but very easy to take cuttings from.

6.  Abelia which did nothing last year but flowered its socks off this year and makes a nice addition to a cut flowers because of its perfume.

Although Spring is still a long way off, I was delighted to see buds and bulbs peeping out.
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Season's greetings to you all.


  1. I like your Euphorbia Tasmanian Tiger’ named for its stripes, I suppose and the winter Jasmine is a froth of colour despite the winter, and very sunny!


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