Saturday 4 May 2024

The Georgian Bath House

We are frequent visitors to the small market town of Wetherby, West Yorkshire, where we often take a route which crosses over the bridge and then walk along the River Wharfe. 

 On the other side of the river, we noticed some benches and on this trip we decided to find this spot. This is how we discovered the Jubilee Gardens and, what's more, within the gardens we found a Georgian Bath House. In the 18th century bathing for cleanliness was not a thing. The Bath House was a popular remedy supposedly to help with anything from headaches to impotence. The pool was fed from a spring and was surrounded by a walkway with areas for changing clothes and taking a break from the cold water. The building is no longer used as bath house, but the park is beautifully planted with, at the time of our visit, spring flowers and the benches are a splendid place to watch the river.

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  1. Isn‘t it lovely to make such surprise discoveries!


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