Thursday 4 April 2024

Easter break

It wasn’t to be.

To get away from the crowds on Easter Sunday, we embarked on the Hutton circular walk which I found on the Facebook page Summat to do.

Sadly, the heavy rain of the previous night had turned some of the route into a quagmire making it impossible to continue after the first gate. Did I mention we had our little dog Freddie with us, who doesn’t like his paws cleaned at the best of times.

We had our coffee break on the huge village green at Hutton Cranwsick

The walk will have to wait until the ground has hardened up a bit.

After lunch, we set out to Danes Dyke Danes Dyke ( and made our way through the woodlands to the beach. The sea was coming in so we couldn’t stay there long.

Next stop Flamborough South Landing.  We have often taken the grandchildren along the Sculpture Trail there which has fallen into disrepair. We made for our favourite bench which gives a spectacular view of the area. A landslip meant that the usual route was blocked off, but we managed to find a diversion to reach the spot.

The land slip

On Monday, some family joined us for lunch and we visited Hornsea

Tuesday turned out to be the very best of the weather. Warm and sunny, we walked along the Bridlington promenade from North Beach to the Spa and returned via Bridlington’s working harbour. Here we met a man preparing and selling jet which he had found along the coast. The untreated stones looked like lumps of coal.

Although we spend many hours in this area, we always find new things to see and visit.


  1. Hello L, it's me (Meike, Librarian With Secrets) - as it happens sometimes, I seem unable to comment any other way than anonymously, in spite of being signed in with my Google account...
    Anyway, you had a good mix of walks, fantastic sea views and family meals over the Easter break - and the weather seems not to have been too bad. Glad you still reached your favourite bench in spite of the landslip!
    I find that steep cliff path with the steps irresistible; it reminds me of our walks on Jersey 8 years ago, a place I'd love to return to some time.

  2. Hi Meike. I've not been to Jersey but it's on my list. Do you visit the Yorkshire coast when you are in England?

    1. Hello Linda, my late husband and I used to spend a week in Scarborough almost every year, and from there made trips to other places along the coast, such as Whitby, Filey, Robin Hood‘s Bay. I have not been back there since he died, which will be 15 years this November, but I really want to revisit Scarbie and feel that I am ready for it.


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