Friday, 31 July 2020

Ten Years a Blogger

Happy tenth anniversary to Thirdageblogger!
Birthday, Polaroid, Chalkboard Font

I began this blog as personal journal after I retired and was considering my options.  I cited the following as possible avenues:
 Not mine!  Italian Gardens, Scarborough


Voluntary work


Do something new every week

Followers of my blog will know that I did indeed embrace these options and have met new people and encountered bloggers of similar interests from whom I have learnt a great deal.

Who would have thought that a pandemic could change our lives to such a degree - and it's not over yet?  

I recognise that my blog is rather eclectic but it fits the criteria of a personal journal to look back on in my dotage.  For this reason I will continue to record my triumphs, however small.

Thank you for reading and hope that you will continue to drop by.


  1. Happy Blogoversary!!! Ten years is quite an achievement. I can not remember exactly when I first came across your blog, but I am sure it has been a few years. My own blog is, similar to yours, mostly a record of what I've been doing, reading, sometimes thinking.
    I will certainly keep reading your blog, and commenting - if you don't mind (I am not quite sure, as you usually do not reply to comments.)

    1. Thank you. I enjoy reading your blog and value your comments. I sometimes forget to reply as with Blogger it seems you have to enter the blog to do so rather than use the "dashboard".

  2. I started my blog as a personal journal too. In fact I do often use it in that way, doing a search on various life events to check exactly when and how they occurred.


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