Saturday, 16 May 2020

Six on Saturday mid-May

By my calendar it’s Lockdown Day 54 and, while social distancing, wearing masks and Zoom parties are the new normal, you can almost forget the virus when you’re in the garden.  Although garden centres and journeying further afield is now allowed, I shall wait until I feel safer to do so.  
My six are: 
Aquilegia William Guiness which I sowed from seed many years ago and isn’t as promiscuous as some others
London Pride
Variegate Weigela perhaps Florida

Allium Purple Sensation, a fascinating plant
I saw this cheerful container was outside our local park on an exercise spree

Geranium (never knew its name)
The Propagator generously hosts Six on Saturday.  Click on the link to his blog to see what he and his followers are growing and doing in their gardens this week.  Perhaps you feel you could add your own six too.
Stay well everyone.


  1. I like your purples! My garden centers have been open too, but I have not been into any store for a long time! I go on car rides, like a dog, and my son does the shopping. He did buy me a pomegranate plant at the grocery store! I had potting soil delivered. My county opened a bit yesterday, but I am waiting to see how others do before I venture out!

  2. Do you think your geranium could be Geranium macrorrhizum 'Ingwersen's variety'? I think they flower about now and grow from these thick brown stems on the surface of the soil.
    That's a lovely aquilegia.

  3. could well be ingwersen's variety, i have a couple of those in the garden, look very similar.

  4. Like the way you 'acquired' the municipal tub to add to your SOS. Back in Kenilworth as Chairman of Kenilworth in Bloom, we had dozens and dozens of tubs...which the members looked after during the year, aka about four of us. I once overheard a woman walking past saying I wonder what they did to have the Community Order placed on them. I called back saying that we were the committee, raised all the money for them, managed them, and kept them tidy all year round, and she was welcome to join us, without of course having to be a petty criminal. After that we got bright tabards made....


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