Monday, 30 December 2019

Waving goodbye to 2019

I like to reflect on and record the highlights of the past year rather than dwell on any challenges and disappointments: 

Family and Friends

Inevitably, being part of a large family, we have lots of celebrations and get-togethers.  We welcomed two baby boys and celebrated my granddaughter’s Bat Chayil.  Sadly we lost our Auntie Flo, who passed away at age 99, just four months short of her hundredth birthday.  She was an outrageous flirt, loved to be the life and soul of any party and the last of her generation.  Fortunately we were able to record her reminiscences.  Large numbers of relatives and family friends turned up to see her off.  I suppose we are the “oldies” now.

Harry and Blake and Auntie Flo

Reading, Writing and Presenting

I have kept up with my writing, motivated by my writing group and their generous and constructive criticism and also the monthly local radio programme to which I contribute and help to produce.

 We also contributed to LD50 a project celebrating 50 years of our town being twinned with Dortmund through the arts, particularly literature.  A series of exchanges between writers in Leeds and Dortmund took place culminating in a weekend festival at ChapelFM Arts Centre

and other venues across the city. I read some of their work in German, which I hope was understandable. 

I completed a short on-line course by FutureLearn and MMU, How to make a poem.

Interfaith activities

I am deeply saddened by the amount of racism and antisemitism which exists in the world, after we vowed never again.

Our local group of NisaNashim, a network for  Muslim and Jewish women across the UK  who come together to combat ignorance and learn from each other, have met regularly and enjoyed finding out about each other’s culture.

I have again participated in the winter shelters for asylum seekers.  Our guests our polite and helpful and make us delicious food.  Sadly, we are seeing the same people year after year as their appeals progress so slowly.  Asylum seekers have no access to housing or benefits and not allowed to work.  Every time, I hope the shelters will no longer be necessary, as with the Food Bank where the main cause I record is universal credit.

I was moved by the exhibition Eye as Witness which shows that the photos we see of the holocaust were mostly taken by the Nazis with particular agendas in mind. This exhibition also has rarely seen, secret taken by Jewish people and members of the anti-Nazi resistance, who, at great risk to themselves, used the camera to record the story as they saw it.  It allows visitors, by the use of virtual reality, to step through a Nazi photograph taken in the Warsaw Ghetto and observe the photographer taking the shot, and study what was left outside the frame of the image, which I found very emotional.

 This piece of paper recorded the camps this lady was sent to and kept in her shoe


After changing our membership from National Trust, having had many enjoyable visits, we are now members of the Historic House Association which have more properties in our area, which has allowed us to experience some interesting houses and beautiful grounds.
We saw the impressive Michaelangelo exhibition at Hull Minster which allowed us to see all the works from the Sistine Chapel which had been photographed and annotated.

This year we visited Portugal and Spain, Norfolk and spent a lot of time on our doorstep in Yorkshire.  Many trips are recorded on this blog.
We finished the year with a picnic in Morecambe on Christmas Day


As a judge for Yorkshire in Bloom, I have the privilege of viewing the best gardens and parks and meeting their enthusiastic gardeners.

I also get the opportunity of learning about gardening and visiting amazing gardens through my gardening group, Friday Forum, a gardening group which is part of the Paxton Horticultural Society in Leeds, West Yorkshire

I enjoy reading and participating in Six on Saturday, generously hosted by The Propagator.   By clicking on the link to his blog, you can see what he and his followers are growing and doing in their gardens every week.

Looking forward to hearing about your highlights of 2019 and the challenges you have set for next year.

Wishing you all a peaceful and healthy 2020!


  1. Your life is rich and colourful in all aspects, and the many activities you do,for the benefit of others show what a good person you are.
    I didn't know Leeds and Dortmund are twinned. My hometown is twinned with a town in Wales, so my connection with Yorkshire was and is purely personal through family and friends.
    Your late aunt sounds like a great lady! It must be a privilege to have known her.

    1. I enjoy reading about your activities too.

  2. You're so right about picking the positives. When hovering on Twitter it does sound as if a lot of people have not enjoyed 2019. They could all do with an injection of your positivism (is that even a word?!)
    Mazel tov on your exciting family events but sad that your Aunt has passed. I My Auntie Lily celebrates her 100th this month - the last of her generation and yes, we are now the 'oldies' but we're all keeping busy and active which will keep us forever young. That's true...isn't it?
    Happy New Year.

    1. Happy birthday to Auntie Lily. May she live to 120!

  3. Excellent idea to concentrate on the positives rather than anything less good – that way instead of being twice sad we can be double happy!

    Best wishes for 2020.


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