Friday, 20 December 2019

Shared Advent Storytelling 2019

Once again, Loren Eaton is hosting this event and links to all stories will be available on 21st January on her blog:

The story has to be told in 100 words and here is my attempt:

On Christmas Eve morning, after my night shift, I collapsed on to the sofa, overwhelmed by the tasks to complete.  Tongue in cheek, I asked Alexa what preparations were needed..

My virtual assistant astounded me: 

“A list of the necessary tasks in order of priority has been sent to your phone.  Here is some energising music to help you.”

There was indeed a list and the uplifting music played while I beavered away.

My husband returned from work and praised my efforts.   I wanted to tell him how I had managed it but there was no message to be seen.

Happy holidays everyone and a all the best for a healthy and successful New Year.


  1. Happy holidays to you, too, and all the best for 2020!

  2. I love this one, Linda! Such a sweet and wholesome twist on the theme.

  3. Well done, Linda. I've alway thought there was something strange about Alexa.

  4. Nice short, Linda! Happy Winter Solstice

  5. Alexa, please post a good comment about this story.

    "I'm sorry, only you can post to these things. I'd be lying if I clicked the box that said I'm not a robot."

    True. Very well, then. Nice story! I never thought about using Alexa as a character....until now.


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