Saturday, 24 March 2018

Six on Saturday

I have not spent as much time in the garden as usual - getting older or bad weather or a bit of both.

My six:
 Plenty of frog activity in the pond and now frogspawn has appeared
 Peonies beginning to appear.  I thought I'd lost them.  Yes I know. need to weed

 Seedlings of  Calendula, Shirley Poppy and cuttings of Penstemon

 Garlic planted on the shortest day and flattened more than once by the snow
The Propagator hosts this weekly Six on Saturday.  Is it just me or do you also like to find out what others are currently doing in the garden?


  1. Not just you!I think one of the lasting attractions of Six on Saturday is the opportunity to have a jolly good nose round other people's gardens!

  2. I love seeing everyone else's stuff! In your garden, I'm envious of the frog spawn - what's a garden w/o a pond, eh? Looked up Shirley poppies & they're quite nice. And peonies . . . every year they keep us hoping they've survived. Nice Six! Hope to see you next week as well.


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