Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hull; City of Culture 2017

It has been a long time since I last visited Hull so, as it is this year’s City of Culture, I decided pay it a visit.

First stop was to see the installation Weeping Window by Paul Cummins (artist) an Tom Piper (designer).  Using thousands of handmade, ceramic poppies, the stunning art work is on the Maritime Museum, formerly Hull’s Dock Offices.  Many ‘Pals’ battalions joined up in Hull in World War I and Hull suffered many raids in World War II.

Inside the museum, many interesting exhibits were to be found from Hull’s maritime history.

Opposite the museum in Queen Victoria Square is the Ferens Art Gallery, which has recently been refurbished.  It has an extensive collection of paintings and sculptures, including works by European Old Masters and various exhibitions have been scheduled throughout the year.

 Old and new Hull

 Humber Dock

 Top of the range leisure crafts
 Old warehouses are now upmarket bars and bistros

 The Deep is in the background

The Docks area has certainly changed since Dockside, Hull was painted by John Atkinson Grimshaw in 1882.  Hull may have lost most of its fishing and shipping industries, but the area is vibrant with its impressive shopping centres, bistros and bars.

The old features of Hull are still to be seen too
 Paragon Arcade


It was a wonderful visit – all for free - and it won’t be my last this year.

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