Thursday, 11 February 2016

Late Winter Blues

I feel as though I’m waiting for the year to begin in earnest.  I shall be glad when I can get back to spending more time in the garden, at the allotment and at the coast.  It’s not that I’m a fair weather friend when it comes to being outdoors, but  we have had some pretty dismal, rainy and windy days. I’m not exactly hibernating and here are some of the things I’ve been up to:

Top: Ripley, Bottom Entrance to Fountains Abbey, bottom

Our social enterprise Yorkshire MORE has been busy building up our stocks of jams and chutneys for the BBC Good Food Fair at Harrogate in April.
We've had some interesting talks at our gardening club

I am still writing and helpingt to produce a monthly programme on local radio but have had a stream of rejections lately.
.... and a random selection of shopping finds etc.  The blue cushiony thing was a charity shop find by my granddaughter who reasoned that if people have Christmas decorations, we could have Chanukah ones.  Then there is a stone I painted with Sharpies, although chives are distinguishable enough.  The laughing Buddah is for my succulent trough.  The mug toppers are made of silicon and form a seal so strong you can almost pick up your full mug of tea, besides which they keep in the heat and keep out the bugs.  Bargain at £1.  Finally, another charity shop find is this vase which turns out to be a collectable and worth more that the £1.99 we paid for it.


  1. Glad you've found things to keep you happy until the weather improves.

  2. You've been to Ripley and Fountains Abbey - both rank among my favourite places in Yorkshire!
    I know what you mean about waiting for the year to begin properly. I feel a bit like that at the moment, too, especially after we seem to have returned to winter after we already had a promise of spring.

  3. You don't sound blue to me! The weather has certainly been confusing here - glorious, warm sunshine one day, gales and rain the next, then frost ... I'm sure our wildlife and plants don't know what season it's supposed to be. I think the trick is to keep busy and do what you can, when you can.


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