Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Luxury in Lanzarote

 The beach next to the hotel
Winter sun was a first for me but hopefully not a last.  The hotel was wonderful for all three generations of us and the weather was glorious.  I just couldn’t believe we were by the pool and on the beach in December and it didn’t get dark until sixish.  Summer in the sun means staying indoors between one and four with no let up from the heat all day.  On this holiday, no part of the day was lost and it was comfortable enough to walk about and explore in daylight hours.  Happy enough to spend summer at the Yorkshire coast and not being a celebrator of Christmas, this was a luxurious week for all of us; swimming, sunbathing, reading, spa, sightseeing, dancing, eating and drinking and eating and drinking more .....
 The volcanoes which have been inactive since the 1800s.  There is an option to reach the area by camel but we stayed in the air conditioned rented car.  A bus took us for a closer look on a bendy, narrow road.
 A visit to Playa Blanca

 The hotel was decorated with wonderful wood carvings, both indoors and out and was built around a central courtyard


I did want to visit the Cactus Gardens but there were plenty of  plants in the hotel gardens and on the walkways and there is always next year!

Santa arrived at the pool on a camel
It’s hard to get back to routine!

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  1. What a great way to spend Christmas Linda!
    We go to Madeira in three weeks to top up our Winter sunshine, and top up our vitamin d - and take some plant photos to write a blog post!


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